Book Contents

The contents of Mindful Learning are drawn from a number of important sources including:

  • The rapidly expanding body of research on mindfulness
  • The world’s great wisdom traditions
  • The author’s years of experience as mindfulness practitioners
  • The author’s personal experiences.

The authors of Mindful Learning believe all these sources have an important contribution to make as they complement and reinforce each other.

It is really up to you, the reader, to explore, question, reflect and discover for yourself what works and what doesn’t.

The journey to becoming a mindful teacher and mindful learner is a lifelong project.


Contents of Mindful Learning

Introduction: What is education?

Mindful Learning Chapters

1. What is mindfulness?

2. The science of mindfulness

3. Stress, focus and performance

4. Why attention matters

5. Applied mindfulness

6. Sharpening the tool

7. Learning, mental flexibility and problem solving

8. Mindsets and learning

9. Resilience and managing stress

10. Emotional development

11. Communication and relationships

12. eMindfulness

13. Enhancing creativity

14. Movement and sport

15. Teaching with attention

16. Working with resistance

17. Managing personal stress in the classroom

18. Mindfulness beyond the classroom

19. Organisational approaches to mindfulness

20. The exercises