The Creative Seed

How to enrich your life through creativity


Written by Lilian Wissink (BA GradDipCounselling).

Creativity is open to us all – we can all discover and nurture new and exciting creative dimensions in our lives.

Whether beginning or established, The Creative Seed is the perfect guidebook for personal self-development via creative expression. The Creative Seed provides self-help strategies to inspire you and help you live your creative dream.

Combining case histories, questions and exercises, The Creative Seed will:

  • help identify the creative interest you would like to explore
  • enable you to discover creative strengths
  • guide you through the creative process using the ‘SEED’ approach of skills, experimentation, evaluation and discovery, and
  • assist you to overcome common obstacles such as anxiety, procrastination, stress, low self-confidence and low self-esteem.

Whatever your creative pursuit; writing, singing, playing music, knitting, painting, sculpting, turning wood or making pots, The Creative Seed guides you through the ups and downs of the creative process and helps you achieve your creative goals.

The Creative Seed is written in two parts.

Part One of The Creative Seed

The first section helps identify what creative interest you would like to explore. Common myths of creativity are challenged and stimulating personal self-development exercises are provided to help you discover your creative strengths. This section concludes with an original concept explaining the creative process, called the SEED approach.

The SEED approach is an acronym standing for:

  • skills
  • experimentation
  • evaluation and
  • discovery.

The concept is aimed at guiding beginners and established creators to clearly understand the creative process.

Part Two of The Creative Seed

Part Two addresses common difficulties such as procrastination, anxiety, low self-confidence and low self-esteem. Chapters provide case histories, questions and exercises. The practical skills in The Creative Seed help with the personal self-development and self-awareness required for active and successful creative expression.

Creative Mindfulness – Chapter Twelve The Creative Seed

‘Throughout this book compassionate self-knowledge has been the foundation of our creative story. Self-knowledge enables us to celebrate our strengths and provides the impetus to make changes to the thoughts and behaviours that thwart creative expression. This chapter offers another empowering tool called mindfulness — a practice that enriches our creative expression by connecting us to the here and now.

Page 203, The Creative Seed, by Lilian Wissink.

Mindfulness Exercise from The Creative Seed – Drawing and painting mindfully

‘Without a topic in mind allow yourself to draw or paint whatever comes into your consciousness. This is not about making a work of art, but rather giving yourself permission to be uninhibited and experience the unfolding of lines, strokes, colours and shapes as they emerge. Remember to do this mindfully, so be fully aware of your experience rather than proceeding on automatic pilot. This exercise is similar to doodling, but with attentive awareness of what unfolds.

At another time choose a topic, such as landscapes or portraits, and see what emerges.

When looking at an object or scene for a drawing or painting, take your time and be attentive to all the nuances of what you see and feel. Let go of any preconceptions of what you think something looks like. Consider the foreshortening that occurs when viewing a reclining figure feet first. What we see are huge feet, a truncated body and a small head. Instead of thinking we must draw the body bigger than the feet (which it is in life), we let go of our preconceptions and deliberately and carefully notice the lines, distances and shapes that will help us to achieve accuracy in our portrayal of the figure.’ page 214.

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